Guest Speaker on Channel 31

Mr. Jimmy Townsend, a retired Chief Warrant Officer (5), came to speak with the students on Tuesday, January 18th, 2011.


Mr. Townsend is a highly successful man who does very complex logistics work for the Apache helicopter program and has traveled all over the world. He was very interested in talking with our children about his own struggles with dyslexia and ADHD in school and during his career.

The kids asked some great questions, and really enjoyed his talk because it combined just the right amount of advice with stories of blowing stuff up!

The Channel 31 TV crew was there to capture it, and Greengate was on the news that night!

Watch it here:

Choose “News” from the drop-down menu, and type “Greengate” into the search box.


Thank you, Mr. Townsend, for your enthusiastic and inspirational talk.  We enjoyed your visit and hope you’ll come again!