Dyslexia Testing

Maintaining the child's self-esteem is critical. If you suspect your child may be struggling with a reading difference, he or she should be tested as soon as possible. While Greengate's program may not be the solution for every child, testing is critical to identification and the earlier a reading problem is identified the more readily the issue can be remediated.

Which tests should be given?

Greengate frequently receives questions about which tests should be performed to determine if your child may be dyslexic. We recommend the following:

  • An intelligence test such as the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (WISC-V). WISC is required for Greengate admission for first grade and up.
  • A dyslexia assessment including, but not limited to, the following:
    - Reading comprehension test such as the Gray's Oral Reading Test (GORT-4)
    - Phonemic Awareness such as the Comprehensive Test of Phonemic Processing (CTOPP)
    - Test of Word Reading Efficiency for word attack skills
    - A test to assess the child's writing abilities such as the Test of Written Language (TOWL)
    - Oral expressive language test

Additional testing may be required during or after admission for purposes such as class placement or updating of records.

Dyslexia Testing Options Include:

Greengate School
Greengate School provides onsite testing for dyslexia. We have two diagnosticians, Paula Williams, M.A./CCC/SLP, and Donna Caldwell, M.A. SLD/CSP, who conduct the evaluations on our school campus, as well as a partnership with Dr. Halina Hale. Please contact us to schedule an appointment.

Scottish Rite Foundation of Alabama
Diagnostic assistance for children with dyslexia or other speech, language, or learning difficulties at no cost to families and schools. Waiting lists may be long. Please note, additional testing may be required for Greengate admission purposes.
314 Bob Wallace, Huntsville, AL - 256-539-1300
400 Valley Avenue, Birmingham AL - 205-365-1640