About Greengate

In March 2018, it was announced that Greengate would be merging with Randolph School, effective for the school year 2018-19. The new Greengate Division at Randolph School will continue to offer the same outstanding services to students with dyslexia, while expanding the opportunities of those students as part of a larger school community.

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Since 2002 Greengate has educated and supported bright children with learning differences in reading, spelling or writing. As we have grown, Greengate's role has expanded, becoming a dyslexia resource for the community, training teachers, parents and growing community awareness of the issues surrounding those with these learning differences.

Our Mission is to educate and support students with dyslexia and related language-based learning differences by offering a challenging curriculum in an environment responsive to individual needs.

Greengate is tailored to meet the specific needs of the dyslexic child.


2001 - 2018

Greengate School was born of parent frustration and worry for the future of their dyslexic children. Though bright and curious, their children struggled to learn to read and by second or third grade, they were often experiencing outright failure. With each passing day, the window for learning to read was slipping away. Reading instruction in their schools wasn’t working, and something needed to change.

2001 - 2004

In 2001, a core group of parents (John and Cindy Allen, Charles and Lydia Alexander, Greg and Barbara Combs, and Mrs. Marie Lambert) refused to accept the situation any longer and began looking for answers outside their public schools. Working with Orton-Gillingham trained dyslexia tutor Marcia Ramsey, they decided the best option was to start a new kind of school, one that would be dedicated specifically to educating and supporting dyslexic students. The curriculum would include daily individual Orton-Gillingham tutoring as well as a full array of subjects. All teachers would be trained in the Orton-Gillingham approach so that multisensory principles would be embedded in all subject teaching. And most importantly, a community of dyslexic students would discover their particular strengths, see themselves as competent and creative learners, and to advocate on their own behalf.

The parents formed a board of directors, honed the mission, and chose the name for their new non-profit school. Finally, in August of 2002 after 18 months of research, consulting, and planning, Greengate School opened its doors at Sherwood Baptist Church with three students. Their two teachers, Patti McLanahan (the beloved Miss Mac) and Marcia Ramsey shared teaching and Orton-Gillingham tutoring. After two more students enrolled in January, Mrs. Wendy Lenentine joined the team as tutor and teacher. Marcia Ramsey served as the school’s founding head.

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Employment Opportunities

Greengate School actively seeks employees who are dedicated to educating students with dyslexia or other language-based learning difficulties. We are dedicated to hiring talented employees who are committed to educational excellence. Greengate accepts applications year round for teachers, tutors, and substitute teachers. If you are interested in employment with Greengate, please send a resume and cover letter to Dr. Debbie Hargett, Head of School at [email protected]

Staff Administration

Dr. Debbie Hargett, Head of School
Ed.D. Organizational Leadership
M.S. School Administration
M.A.T. Education
B.S.  K-12 Education-HPER and Sociology
Associate Training/AOGPE

Judy Sweatman, Assistant Head of School, Admissions Director, Teacher
B.S. Secondary Education-History
Associate Training/AOGPE

Lisa Clark, Business Office Manager
Bethany College of Missions
Associate Training/AOGPE


Lisa Banks, Math Teacher
M.A. Learning Disabilities
B.S. Rehabilitation Services
OG Classroom Educator Training

Liz Bouchard, Tutoring Coordinator
B.S. Biology
Certified Level/AOGPE

Lisa Bruton, Teacher/Dyslexia Therapist
M.A. Special Education
B.S. Special Education
Associate Level/AOGPE

Donna Caldwell, Dyslexia Therapist/Psychometrist
M.A. Development Learning-Specific Learning Disabilities
B.A. Elementary Education and Special Education
School Psychometrist Certification
Associate Training/AOGPE

Robyn Crochet, Dyslexia Therapist
B.A. Choral/Music Education
Associate Training/AOGPE

Kim Grissom, Dyslexia Therapist/Tutoring Coordinator
M.A. Health Psychology
B.A. Psychology
Associate Level/AOGPE

Kimberly Hart, Art Teacher
B.A. Art/Art History

Kelly Kattos, Dyslexia Therapist/Teacher
B.S. Education-Early Childhood
Associate Level/AOGPE

Christie Stepien, Dyslexia Therapist/Teacher
M.S. Elementary Education/Reading
B.S. History
Associate Level/AOGPE

Brandi Sterling, Teacher
B.A. Elementary Education/Collaborative Teaching
Associate Training/AOGPE

Cathy Tichow, Dyslexia Therapist
B.S. Accounting
Associate Level/AOGPE

Jennifer Wagner, Orton Gillingham Tutor/Teacher
Ed. S. Brain-Based Learning/Educational Leadership
M. Ed. Elementary Education
B.A. Elementary Education
Certified Primary Montessori Teacher
OG Classroom Educator Training

Kari West, Dyslexia Therapist
B.S. Nursing
Associate Training/AOGPE

Tina White, Teacher
B.S. Business
Associate Training/AOGPE


Meet the Greengate's Head of School, teaching faculty, administrative staff, Tutors, Diagnotic Team as well as our Founders.

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