Special Courses

Art, Physical Education, Music and Specials 

All students take part in art, physical education, and music. Physical education classes occur daily, music and art meet two days per week. These periods are also available for special tutorials such as Occupational Therapy or Speech/Language Therapy that parents may wish to schedule privately for their student at school. 

Physical Education

In addition to two recess periods daily, students participate in P.E. classes every day. These classes provide students much needed opportunities to develop muscle flexibility, coordination, and strength as well as to learn cooperation and team play. Students are introduced to a myriad of skills, including team and individual sports, cooperative games, lifetime sports, fitness and healthy living.


Art instruction targets the fine art elements of color and design and composition through a variety of mediums and techniques. Student self-expression is an integral part of the art program. Students explore Students will be offered opportunities to exhibit their work in school and in outside events.


Music is a basic expression of human culture. Students will explore music independently and with others by singing, playing instruments, and moving to music. Their efforts will be highlighted throughout the school year during school programs.