Admission FAQs

Choosing a full-time immersion program provides consistent OG instruction, integrated throughout the school day. When multiple weaknesses exist, the full-day exposure to OG is more beneficial than 2-3 hours a week of tutoring.

Orton Gillingham (OG) is a multi-sensory approach used by trained professionals. It is a diagnostic and prescriptive way of teaching directly and explicitly. Lessons are individualized, structured, sequential, and cumulative.

Greengate teaches students to celebrate differences. We teach the value of individual strengths. We help foster growth in an environment where it is safe to make mistakes and where students learn to love learning.

Classes are generally no more than 6-8 students. We offer a one-on-one tutorial to students, but also may group two students for tutorial in cases where it would be beneficial to both students.

Teachers try to limit homework to 15 minutes per subject area. Students are expected to read for 30 minutes each night. Parents are asked not to help with homework. Students are taught to advocate for themselves, and if they need to, may contact a teacher during the evening for help.

Because of varying learning needs, it is misleading to suggest an average length of stay. Remember, dyslexia is a life-long learning difference. However, the average amount of time a student spends at Greengate is 2-4 years; but some students have stayed well beyond four years. When staff and parents feel it is appropriate, the students will transition from Greengate to public, other traditional private, and homeschool arrangements. Our students have succeeded in all school situations.

Cursive helps with writing fluency, letter spacing and reversals. All students are taught cursive at Greengate beginning in kindergarten.

Yes. Greengate School students will follow the same dress code as students at Randolph School. 

Randolph School offers a tailored tuition program, which determines tuition on an individual basis. The tuition for the Greengate division can range from $5,750 to $23,000. Visit for more information, including how to apply. 

Many factors go into the cost of tuition for Greengate students. The one-on-one, hour- long tutorial for each child is the hallmark of our program. The teachers and tutors are all dyslexia specialists, highly trained and certified in the OG approach. The small class size and low student-to-teacher ratio also increases the cost, as does the fact that we have a longer than usual school day. Tuition only accounts for about 58% of our total income, and therefore does not cover all expenses.

One important point to remember is that this cost is an investment in your child’s future, and often can be the difference in whether or not they even attend college. Most parents would agree that increasing their child’s academic performance, not to mention their self-esteem and love of learning is well worth the cost.

Tuition assistance is available through Randolph School's tailored tuition program. For more information, visit



Yes. We have a rolling admission, meaning students may start at Greengate at any time during the school year.